Timely Detection of Fugitive Methane Leaks

Discover how our solution provides tools to Oil & Gas Producers to monitor their thief hatches for Methane Emissions and assist with compliance reporting

Thief Hatches account for a majority of the Methane Leaks on Well Sites

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Waste Emissions Charge

The Waste Emissions Reduction Program has set up the Waste Methane Charge at $900/ton for 2024 waste methane. This increases to $1500/ton by 2026

28 Times More Potent

Why Methane? Methane leaks are 28 times more potent than C02 at trapping heat in the atmosphere

Quad Ob/Oc

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set guidelines in 40 CFR 60 Subpart OOOOb & OOOOc. These New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) apply to wells constructed after December 6th, 2022

The Solution

Our device monitors the Thief Hatch for Methane Leaks and Hatch Position in an effort to reduce the time For investigation & potential abatement

IMSA Detection

IMSA Detection is a cutting-edge solution: a wireless cellular IoT device designed to be integrated directly onto storage tank thief hatch. Its primary function is to accurately detect methane leaks from malfunctioning seals or improperly latched thief hatches.

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IMSA Reporting is a secure dashboard that consolidates alarm data from tank batteries, enabling quick communication of alerts, and  prompt action. Enhance your documentation of super-emitter events with data integrations.

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